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We’ve created a dynamic company of Tax professionals with Real Estate licenses who are able to work with investors, builders, and property management teams to meet their accounting and tax requirements.

Working with a CPA licensed in Real Estate provides a sense of assurance that you’re working with a tax professional who understands the ins and outs of the Real Estate industry.

Whether you have questions with real estate planning, property management accounting or real estate taxes in general, we provide you with Real Estate advice that takes the tax implications into account. 


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Property Management Accounting (PMA) offers unique challenges due to regulations set by the state.  If you are an individual property owner or a property management firm we can help you navigate both state and IRS regulations.

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Estates & Trusts

We work with leading Estate & Trust Attorneys to provide our clients clear guidance and advice on Estate planning and Trust administration.  We feel this aids our clients in making decisions with one of the greatest valued assets impacting inheritance.

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RE Analytics

Real Estate (RE) Analytics is an ongoing process.  Whether you are in the initial planning stages or working to diversify an existing portfolio, our team turns raw data into actionable information so you can make decisions that reduce your risk.

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