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We offer a variety of professional services that help you achieve your Real Estate goals. Do you need help with building a comprehensive plan to get financing? What about one-on-one advising to maximize your real estate portfolios value? We’re here to serve your needs and goals.

Comprehensive Programs

Our Accounting as a Service program works with Individuals as well as Real Estate Professionals in a variety of stages and sizes. Whether you’re just starting out, or need tax tips that fit your schedule, our programs are tailored to your situation..

Amazing Results


Where do we deliver the most? In our client’s results. Our lead Accountant has been a CPA for 30+ years and served a range of clients from High wealth Individuals needing high touch services to Real Estate Investment startups looking to do it themselves.

Developing Professional Relationships

A Fortune 500 CEO once said that he relied on his accountants for Accurate information, Sober Advice, and Sound Guidance.  With that in mind, developing a professional relationship with our clients begins by listening with these requirements in mind.

Our team consists of CPAs and EAs who also have a Real Estate or a Mortgage Loan Origination (MLO) license because we believe to give accurate information, sober advice with sound guidance you need a well rounded team to support you.  And our team is not only uniquely qualified they have an open ear.



Flexible for Your Needs

Every clients situation is different.  Developing a relationship with people who can help your plans succeed is important.  Our process begins by understanding where our clients want to go and providing them with sound guidance on how to achieve their goals.  COVID has transformed the way the world does business and we have adapted to the environment by offering virtual appointments for our clients on their time schedule.  Our professionals maintain a flexible schedule and can meet you on your time frame.

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Accounting as a Service to assist you in a variety of Real Estate activities

  • Estates / Trusts:  In most cases the tax requirements for Revocable Living Trusts (RLT) don’t begin until a loved one has passed.  It usually involves multiple heirs and splitting the largest asset… the family home.  Our team can help you through the entire experience with care in knowing this is an emotional time for all involved.
    • Are you working with a team that can handle all the activities involved with these end of life situations?
    • From initial Tax Planning through the sale of any type of Real Estate we have you covered.
  • Property Management Accounting (PMA):  Whether you’re DIY property owner or a firm responsible for many rentals, our PMA program helps you keep accurate records and speeds up the end of year tax filing.  States have adopted specific requirements and good record keeping protects you from audits and law suits from angry tenants.
    • Regardless of your process, our team is flexible with your needs.  Whether you require a full service bookkeeping option or a simple monthly review, we have you covered.
    • Streamlined end of year taxes with tax planning advice throughout the year is a good way to help protect yourself from surprises on tax day.
  • Real Estate Investment Portfolios: Looking to expand your rental income or develop a Real Estate Portfolio?  Work with a team that not only understands the tax implications but also understands the Real Estate market.   Our CPAs and EAs come from the Real Estate market as either an Agent actively listing properties or as a MLO with a background in Finance.  Every situation is different and we are prepared to help you succeed.
    • Market Analysis for income producing properties is different than the analysis you get when selling or buying a personal residence.  CAP rates or Cash-on-Cash formulas are some of the tools we have at our fingertips.
    • Tax Planning involves looking into the future with an understanding of the real estate market growth as well as the depreciation and recapture implications.  




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